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    1. 2019-09-02 09:18:44
      Roller function of gravure press

      Gravure printing is generally used for high-speed printing of high-quality multi-color long-plate movable parts. It uses plate rollers called intaglio, which are generally iron, copper plated and a photosensitive layer. After the small grooves representing the image area are made on the plate, chromium plating is also required.

      Gravure press rolls are usually in direct contact with image printing materials, so before the rolls come out of the ink groove and contact with the printing materials, a scraper must be used to scrape off the ink on the roll surface. Then, through the pressure of the press rolls and the capillary effect of the printing materials, the ink in the holes is transferred to the gravure press, which is mostly rolls. Cylinder printing machine, continuous printing using drum.

      There are several ways to solve the pollution caused by gravure printing. Each method should be considered in terms of cost and resource consumption. Printers should establish cooperative relations with their main suppliers of source materials so that suppliers can timely provide the necessary technical support to ensure the quality of products while minimizing pollution and waste. Using shallower ink grooves and improved scraper technology to reduce ink consumption. Steam recovery system is the most effective way to reduce solvent pollution.

      In many equipment improvement methods, pollution can be reduced. Gravure printer manufacturers use new technologies for their machines and install several process improvement control accessories on their equipment. Using rapeseed oil instead of gasoline as solvent, and using water-based ink technology will reduce environmental pollution, and using less polluting solvent materials instead of the current solvent is also a good way.

      These methods mentioned above will not affect the efficiency of the printing press, but also save costs and reduce pollution. It is inevitable that the printing industry, which is mainly green and environmentally friendly, will be the trend of the times.